State of The Mission

EXPANDING OUR REACH with Gracepoint Wellness CEO Roaya Tyson
By: Andrea Idol

As we prepare to turn a corner on almost 75 years of community-based healthcare, Gracepoint Foundation shines the light on the history unfolding in women’s health under the leadership of Gracepoint CEO Roaya Tyson.

Florida’s first women’s behavioral health hospital, Mariposa, is springing to life on the campus of Gracepoint.

This 64-bed ground-up construction will offer a safe clinical setting to women in the wake of trauma and is slated to open at the end of 2025.

At present, Gracepoint’s campus-wide services help meet the needs of more than 30,000 children and adults annually. Its broad range of services include substance abuse recovery programming, children and adult psychiatric services, mental health services, primary care and more.

Soon, Mariposa Hospital will be addressing the realities of domestic violence, sex-trafficking and abuse impacting women. Like its translated meaning, “butterfly,” women can take the first step in leaving behind the shell of trauma and start a new beginning.

“When it comes to trauma, women need a nurturing space for healing,” said Gracepoint CEO Roaya Tyson. “A place where hope and help lives. This hospital answers that call.”

The task before us is great, but greater still is the impact Mariposa will have in the lives of women affected by trauma. Gracepoint’s historical influence will carry far past its campus and hometown of Tampa, bringing with it promise for women on a national scale.

Gracepoint Foundation is trumpeting the message that the real return on this endeavor is the lives of those transformed by hope. Together, with the help of area leaders, corporations, and individuals like you, we can speed relief to women in crisis.

We need your help to do this. Discover ways to make history with us today when you contact Andrea Idol with Gracepoint Foundation.

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